Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd – Manufacturing Approach

The Tool-making Facility is the heart of Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd. The Clean working environment in conjunction with an impressive array of the latest equipment, infers precision and ensures cost effective manufacture. It also inspires High Accuracy, High Quality and Efficiency

The Facility comprises:

  • High Speed Machining
  • 3 and 5 Axis Machining Centers
  • Automated Electrode Production
  • EDM Section (Wire and Sink)
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

Our Large Tool-making Facility operates 24/5 and the combination of it’s size, operating hours and latest equipment makes the facility ideal for handling large projects with time to market constraints.

In-House Design Facilities

Our In-House Design Facility allows Mold Systems to be involved early in the product development or tooling process.

Our Experience & Expertise can assist clients with design support in order to achieve cost effective, high quality parts in conjunction with the reduction in time to market.

The design facility utilises the latest design & manufacturing software which is integrated into the manufacturing and quality process in order to ensure that quality & productivity are built in upfront.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

The CAD/CAM Design Department at Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd Utilizes the solid modelling and toolpath generation capabilities of the state of the art Siemens NX V10/V11 CAD/CAM 3D Software.

Our EDM Wire & Sink Department Use Vero VISI Software.

All Programs are then checked using CG Tech Vericut 8.0 toolpath verification software with post processors for all of our CNC Machines.

Finally, Using the Auto-diff function on Vericut, the programs are checked again against the original solid model.

It is only at this point that programs are issued to the shop floor, safe in the knowledge that they have been checked and double-checked to ensure accuracy of machining.